The Patakara trainer is an «invention of the XXI century» developed in Japan for medical purposes, mainly for people with apoplexy and maxillofacial dysfunction, those who suffered from blood stroke and those with face asymmetry. Ten years of research of this lip trainer have brought an unexpected “side” effect – incredible face anti-aging potential.


The Patakara trainer is an innovative kit of special tools designed to strengthen facial muscles. The trainer’s principle is simple, like everything genius: careful face and neck muscle stretching helps to even fibers of each and every muscle, thus returning the natural tone. The result of the muscle tonicity is the lifted skin and improved facial features.


The Patakara trainer is an all-purpose tool for prolongation of youth and correction of appearing cosmetic troubles. Training your facial muscles with this tool, you can reach a rejuvenating effect, improve the skin condition and the skin tone. Patakara does things for your face which are beyond the contour correction, biorevitalization and plastic surgery.


Devote 15 minutes a day to yourself – and be beautiful!

What is Patakara

Depending on  the age and physiology, the method and the performance capabilities of Patakara exercises for face and neck muscles tonicity, ensure the following key cosmetic effects:


  • remove face puffiness and swelling;
  • reduce or completely remove expression lines;
  • smoothen wrinkles on the forehead, nose bridge, etc.;
  • lift eyebrows;
  • «wide-opened», enlarged eyes, reduced eyelid swelling;
  • reduced eyebags under and over the eyes;
  • removed or reduced crow’s feet — a net of finest wrinkles in eye angles;
  • lifted and emphasized cheek bones;
  • completely removed or considerably reduced nasolabial folds, saggy “bulldog” cheeks;
  • smoothened or considerably reduced fine wrinkles over the lip;
  • lifted lip angles;
  • increased fullness, enhanced color of lips;
  • lifted face contour;
  • reduced or removed double chin, lifted turkey neck;
  • corrected face shape;
  • improved face symmetry — level of eyebrows, eyes, lips, jaws;
  • elongated neck, improved shape, skin quality, reduced depth of transverse lines;
  • restored skin texture, elasticity, smoothness and skin tone;
  • improved blood circulation, normalized venous and lymphatic drain;
  • recovered muscle elasticity;
  • recovered motion functions of mimic muscles;
  • reduction or complete removal of the face asymmetry;
  • improved or completely normalized balance of facial muscles (the face becomes more symmetric).


Surprisingly, these are not yet all miracles this simple trainer is able to do. Regardless of its initial purpose, the Patakara trainer has a positive impact on the whole body. Patakara exercises may even relieve sickness by normalizing the blood circulation, body oxygenation, and working face and neck muscles.


As a result, the following are improved:


  • speech;
  • memory and focus;
  • psychological balance;
  • sleep;
  • condition of respiratory system;
  • organs of speech function;
  • face mobility in elderly people;
  • post-traumatic condition of facial muscles;
  • stable fixation of dentures.


As a result, the following are reduced or disappear:


  • mouth breathing;
  • dry mouth;
  • sore throat and breath odor;
  • symptonms of paradontosis, bleeding gums;
  • chronic rhinitis;
  • snoring and nocturnal breath holding, up to complete elimination of sleep apnea;
  • jaw joint problem – crunch, painful mouth opening, etc.;
  • occipital rigidity;
  • periodic headaches, morning headaches;
  • consequences of Bell’s palsy, insult, facial neuritis;
  • speech disturbance (dysarthria).


By now, we know that Patakara relieves the following conditions:


  • arterial hypertension;
  • pancreatic diabetes;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • atopic dermatitis (eczema);
  • acne and other skin problems;
  • chronic constipations;
  • menopause symptoms;
  • enuresis.


It also helps with the following:


  • autism;
  • Alzheimer disease;
  • senility;
  • Down syndrome.

In our young days, healthy skin looks fresh and tight, as face muscles are stretched evenly. This is natural condition of your skin. When we age, some muscles begin to slack due to their load, facial expressions and face structure. Other muscles become involved more intensely, and do “double” work, remaining constantly tense (hypertonicity); they get distorted and shorten. Because of this difference, some muscles tighten, and others (hypotonic ones) stretch – the skin sags. As a result, facial features begin to sink gradually: jowls, “turkey neck”, drooping mouth corners and eyelids, wrinkles, lines, and other age-related aesthetic problems appear. Over time, your metabolism slows down, hormone imbalance occurs, diseases, stress and depression leave their traces. The face begins to get older quickly…


The Patakara trainer is based on the yoga principle. The point is not the tensioning (although this is also important for the tone), but the stretching. Using the Patakara lip trainer, the facial musculature is involved in the process in its entirety, which, directly or indirectly, is tied with the orbicular muscle of mouth and forms a strong framework. And the skin always follows the mimic muscles it is tightly bound with.


If the facial muscles are stretched simultaneously and with equal load, there is double effect: the slackened, sagged muscles are lifted, and those under excessive tension – relaxed. Thus, natural condition of both hyper- and hypotonicity of mimic muscles is restored. The natural framework of face muscles is restored, too, and the skin gets smooth. This is the reason why the exercises bring fast results.


The Patakara trainer works with mimic muscles more efficiently than other kinds of facial gyms just because it helps the facial muscles to take the position which is hard, if not impossible, to achieve with other face building exercises. The results appear from the bottom up: facial contours and chin first, then cheekbones, nose, eyelids and forehead… As soon as the contour and the upper part of the face are lifted, nasolabial folds are stretched. Moreover, improved and speeded-up blood circulation enhances considerably the skin condition and the skin tone.


As it is faster and easier to prevent a flaw than to correct an existing one, it is recommended to begin the Patakara training as early as possible. First changes may become noticeable as soon as after three weeks. A visible result can be achieved after two to three months of daily exercises, done for 15 to 20 minutes per day; in the first months, do them regularly and orderly: 4 to 5 times per day, 3 to 4 minutes each time.


The statistics show how the effect increases with every subsequent exercise set:


  • 1 time a day: 20 % efficiency;
  • 2 times a day: 35 % efficiency;
  • 3 times a day: 75 % efficiency;
  • 4 times a day: 95 % efficiency.



Try the Patakara training yourself, and feel the difference in no time!













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