• Do not use the device if you have skin irritation, lesion, dermatitis, etc.


  • Do not use the trainer if you are hyper-sensitive to rubber items.


  • Use the Patakara for its intended purpose only.


  • Do not use the device if it is damaged or deformed.


  • Before use, make sure that the mucous coat of your mouth is intact. In case of any wound or damage, consult your doctor. Use the trainer after recovery only.


  • The device is not intended for biting or chewing. Insert it correctly, according to the tutorial, such that, in case of damage, accidental swallowing of rubber pieces is avoided.


  • To prevent asphyxia of children, keep the trainer and the Fit-Pull band out of their reach before, during and after use.


  • If, with the trainer loop strained in the initial position, you feel strong pain between lips and teeth, or are not able to keep the trainer in the proper position, do not apply force – do not pull the loop. Keep the trainer between your lips and teeth for 3 minutes without pulling the loop.


  • Prevent the access to the trainer and the Fit-Pull band of children and of people who do not know how to use the device, in order to avoid incorrect use, asphyxia, or accidental swallowing of rubber particles.


  • Do not try to soften it in any way. Do not change its form using scissors, blades, or any other sharp object.


  • If it is difficult for you to place the trainer in the initial position due to insufficient space between the lips and teeth, please consult us on the matter of possible use of a Patakara trainer in the kids’ size.
  • Before and after use, rinse the trainer carefully with clear water. Poor hygiene of the tool may cause propagation of bacteria, fungi, etc., which may harm your health. To clean the device, do not use metallic or tooth brushes, as well as any detergent, this may damage its surface and, consequently, favor the propagation of pathogenic microorganisms.


  • After rinsing the device, let it dry completely and put into the special box.


  • If your lip corners are dry, use a moisturizer to recover their natural condition.


  • The following factors may deteriorate the trainer’s properties and make it unusable:
  • use of hot water, use of solvents, detergents and disinfectant liquids;
  • storing in direct contact with sun rays;
  • storing in places with high or low temperatures.


  • Children, as well as physically and mentally disabled persons may use the trainer and the Fit-Pull band under the adults’ control only.


  • In case of any ulcer, wound, lesion of skin or mouth mucosa, do not use the device temporarily. Once your condition improves, minimize the time of training and the number of sets. In case the symptoms reoccur, stop exercising and consult your doctor immediately.


  • The device is not recommended for persons wearing dentures.


  • Those in the middle of teeth correction should consult their dentist or odontologist, prior to using the Patakara.


  • Once the device is inserted, do not open and close your mouth constantly, or you will not achieve any good result. The mouth mucosa can also suffer from the continuous friction.


  • The trainer is made of anti-allergic polyester elastomer (elastic polymer plastic with rubber composite) intended for medical and cosmetic purposes, and can be used even with such skin condition as atopic dermatitis.


  • Multiple use of the device over time leads to its stiffening and, thus, reduces the efficiency of trainings. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends replacing the device with a new one every 6-9 months.


  • Once the original boxes are opened, the device may not be returned.

Below are the safety rules and recommendations for use and maintenance that must be followed before, during and after the use of your Patakara device. Please read this section carefully and refer to it whenever you have any questions.

Safety rules


Advices and Recommendations